The HEART is AWAKE is a sonic expression inspired through Shingetsu Billy White, internationally acclaimed singer and musician for over 30 years, long time practitioner of Zen and Tibetan Buddhism, yoga, non-duality and various shamanic traditions. Meditative sound journeys using overtone voice and instruments from various parts of the world…a dissolving into the intuitive, the recognition of original being, radiant and peaceful.

Using the voice to produce overtone harmonics, sometimes known as “overtone singing” or “throat singing”, as well as instruments such as tibetan and crystal bowls, tanpura, harmonium, flutes, didgeridoo, tuning forks, percussion and many others, the listener is invited into deep relaxation and release, dissolving the thinking mind and resting in expanded awareness.

Sound is a powerful vehicle for balance, re-juvenation and well-being. In a time of so much noise disguised as “information”, the need for recognizing the simplicity of one’s original perfect being, radiant and peaceful, has never been greater.

The Heart is Awake offers performances, sound gatherings, private sessions and other events, please do not hesitate to contact or join the experience via his website. May all benefit!

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