The Heart Is Awake – The Inner Wave


  1. Espejo
  2. Predawn
  3. Nerissa
  4. Church of the Ear
  5. Passage
  6. Indrillian
  7. Thalassa
  8. Windiani
  9. Tunnel Visions
  10. Mela
  11. Soaring Light


Release Date: July 27, 2018

The Heart is Awake is the acosmotic, transcendental music project of Shingetsu Billy White, internationally acclaimed guitar virtuoso known for his legendary guitar playing, whom after years of touring internationally with rock bands in the days of MTV, followed his heart and calling to a full time spiritual practice.

For the last 25 years, he has lived as a Zen Buddhist monk in temples in New Mexico, Los Angeles, Upstate New York and then landed in Mexico, where he also received transmissions from shamans and indiginous medicine people to do sound healing. Over the years he also studied and practiced Tibetan Buddhism, yoga, and non-dualism, occasionally coming out of rock and roll retirement for a tour now and then.

His devotion to the Dharma is reflected in the music without losing the virtuosity and extraordinary musical talent that he possess in both voice and multi- instrumentation.

The soundscapes captured on InnerWave are his deepest internal journeys to date. The sounds are not synthesized, but born through a unique approach to sampling and looping, creating new and innovative sonic textures.

This music is clearly tapped into source, you can hear and experience celestial realms that take you outside of the dimensions of time and space. It is a returning to vibrational essence, fully open and vulnerable to what came before, what comes after, what is and always was and always will be, the Infinite, beyond all knowing.

The listener is invited into deep relaxation, a transformative sound journey of deep healing, dissolved into the intuitive, expanded awareness and the recognition of original being: radiant, glorious and immersed in profound peace.


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