Six Degrees Records Label Services


 Bob Duskis, founder/owner and Label Manager of Six Degree Records has worked with some of the biggest artists, producers & remixers in the Global & Electronic genres. Through his 27 years running Six Degrees Records as well as his previous 11 years at Windham Hill Records, Mr. Duskis’ contacts around the world run wide & deep and his experience in all facets of the record making process is broad.

A&R services include:  consulting on album creation, from the songwriting to the demo stage, helping with the selection of material, on through to track mixing, mastering & sequencing. Other services include: curation of the remix process, finding high profile remixers, guest artists & side players for your recordings.

 Bob is also available for consulting on a wide range of industry matters.

A&R Consulting Fee – Quoted upon request.

Working with Bob Duskis and the team at Six Degrees Distribution & Label Services is to work with lovers of music who make great suggestions and really partner with me on my releases. Getting the amazing group of players for my album “Our April Tigers” (2023) was only possible with Bob Duskis’ help and intervention. He cares about making the music great. I am a better recording artist working with Six Degrees. You can’t ask for more than that!

Michael Whalen

2X Emmy® Award Winning Composer and Internationally Renowned Recording Artist with nearly one billion streams to his credit.


Publicity & Marketing Campaign

Six Degrees Records Label Services will pair you with one of the excellent PR firms that we work with. These companies will create & spearhead a national press campaign pitched to print media, online sites/blogs, podcasters & syndicated NPR news programs that feature & cover music.

Radio Promotion Campaign

U.S. Radio promotion includes servicing & outreach for airplay and chart positions at college, non-commercial, NPR, Satellite, Internet radio & specialty shows.

Worldwide PR Campaigns

Six Degrees Records works with some of the finest PR firms in Spain, France, The UK, Mexico, Canada & Germany. If you are touring through any of those markets, or just want to do an international press campaign, contact us for rates.

Publicity & Marketing Fee – Quoted upon request


“We’ve been working with Six Degrees Label Services over the past year and they are not only veterans in the music industry, but have been nothing but straight shooters with their advice and strategy for our music releases. They also were instrumental in connecting us with Richard Norris for a remix collaboration, further amplifying our track’s overall audience reach. We would highly recommend working with them!”

Gentleman Brawlers


Social Media Audience Growth Campaigns

Six Degrees Records will work closely with an artist to craft an effective targeted campaign via Meta ads and/or Google ads.  No matter your current following, our goal is to create a dedicated audience segment that can eventually become an avenue for merchandise and ticket sales.



Full Length Videos, Promotional Videos, Album Covers

The Six Degrees Records in house design team will work with artist to create professional, visually stunning products. Our goal is to bring your ideas to life. 

Fees quoted upon request.


“Since joining the Six Degrees Distributed Artists family & utilizing their Label Services, both of my musical projects, Eccodek and Peppermoth have expanded their audiences. Recent artistic connections for remixes through Six Degrees’ Label Services, with world class artist/producers Gaudi and Bombay Dub Orchestra’s Garry Hughes, alongside artist-focused marketing strategies, continue to grow my listeners and to spread the message of my work.”

Andrew McPherson AKA Eccodek & Peppermoth

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