Delia derbyshire appreciation society – Ride Under Trees




  1. Ride Under Trees
  2. Ride Under Trees (Bombay Dub Orchestra’s Low Rider Dub)
  3. Ride Under Trees (Peppermoth Remix)
  4. Ride Under Trees (Dub Gabriel Mix)
  5. Ride Under Trees (DDAS Autumnal Ambient Mix)


Release date: August 25th 2017

Delia Derbyshire Appreciation Society, the ambient duo comprised of modular synth fanatics, Garry Hughes & Harvey Jones, has been making waves in the electronica world with their eponymous debut album on Six Degrees Records.

Artists like Banco De Gaia’s Toby Marks have praised the record, saying “This is gorgeous electronic ambience with a retro yet timeless feel. Beautifully crafted, I could drift off into this for days.” While Bluetech declares: “What a lovely album. Delicate, warm, emotionally rich and touched by tasteful references to classic Berlin school ambience and the best of atmospheric modern classical composition. It’s refreshing to hear music that isn’t afraid to take it’s time and favors elegance and texture over gimmicks and production tricks.”

The duo is now releasing the third in a series of remix EPs, this time for their track “Ride Under Trees.” Remixing chores are being covered by pioneering Dub master, Dub Gabriel, as well as Canadian Ambient producer Peppermoth, Bombay Dub Orchestra and DDAS themselves. The EP ranges stylistically from deep, beatless ambient to pulsing Electronic Dub, once again showcasing a wide range of sounds & textures which should reassure listeners that beautiful, intelligent, ambient music is alive and well and thriving.



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