Zomba Prison Project – “I Have No Everything Here”




  1. Listen to Me (or I Will Kick Your Ass)
  2. Women Today Take Care of Business
  3. Please, Don’t Kill My Child
  4. A Message (I Will Take You)
  5. Jealous Neighbor
  6. I See the Whole World Dying of AIDS
  7. Give Me Back My Child
  8. The Floods
  9. Taking My Life
  10. House of the Dance
  11. Don’t Hate Me
  12. Prison Of Sinners
  13. When They See Me Dance
  14. Last Wishes
  15. The Weary & the Burdened
  16. I Kill No More
  17. I Am Alone
  18. Goodbye, All My Friends
  19. Forgiveness
  20. Let’s Go!!!




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