Yoru Ni Yuku Remixes

Blurry The Explorer – Yoru Ni Yuku Remixes


  1. Yoru Ni Yuku
  2. Yoru Ni Yuku (Ricardo Dias Gomes Remix) 
  3. Yoru Ni Yuku (Ueno Ohayashi Remix) 
  4. Yoru Ni Yuku (Mirai O Remix) 
  5. Yoru Ni Yuku (Saya Mist Remix) 


Release Date: May 14, 2021

Blurry The Explorer is a fearless new project lead by the experimental composer, drummer, photographer, and world-traveler Jeremy Gustin, with Ryan Dugre (guitar), Ricardo Dias Gomes (bass, synth, vocal), Leo Abrahams (guitar) and their collaborators: Tenniscoats, Brian Eno, Kalmia Traver (Rubblebucket), Sarah Pedinotti (LIP TALK), CJ Carminieri (Ymusic, Sufjan Stevens), Fiona Forte, and more. 

The band have released a Remix EP featuring their debut single, “Yoru Ni Yuku,” with remixes by Ricardo Dias Gomes, Ueno Ohayashi, Mirai O, and Saya Mist. Listen here. 

“Yoru Ni Yuku” features the inimitable Tenniscoats on vocals and saxophone. Gustin describes the track as “A James Bond song that never was and never will be.” The single arrives with a video (created by Gustin) that was made by sifting through and editing together archived science and medical films from the 1940s. The result is a gorgeous homage to the human eye–the windows to the soul. 


Blurry the explorer artist pic
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