Now on Sale Around the World: Yiddish Glory tells the remarkable story of folklorists in the Soviet Union who risked their lives collecting songs from Jewish Red Army soldiers, Jewish refugees, victims and survivors of Ukrainian ghettos. Following the war, the researchers were arrested by Stalin; their work was confiscated, and they died thinking the collection was lost to history. But the songs were later discovered in unmarked boxes stored in the basement of the Ukrainian National Library, and brought to life through painstaking research, for the first time in 75 years.

The historic scope of this material launched a collaboration with Sergei Erdenko (Russia’s greatest Roma violinist, and longtime collaborator of Yehudi Menuhin) legendary Russian-American singer Psoy Korolenko, Juno-award wining jazz vocalist Sophie Milman and an ensemble of elite soloists from the worlds of classical and Jewish folk music.

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