Nina Miranda – The Cage Remixes



  1. The Cage (iZem Remix)
  2. The Cage & The Garden (1970 Mix)
  3. The Cage (Ibibio Sound Machine Remix)
  4. The Cage (Ibibio Sound Machine Jungle Punk Mix)


Release Date: 9/14/2017

Original versions of The Cage and The Garden from the Six Degrees release Freedom Of Movement.

From Nina Miranda:

“When I got serious about making my solo album my friend and long time collaborator Anselmo Netto suggested I work with our friend Max Grunhard on more recordings. He played me what he was doing with their new band IBibio Sound Machine and it blew me away. Max loved The Cage, so he wrote a horn arrangement and got the Ibibio horn section in to record himself, Tony ‘trombony’ Hayden and Scott Baylis, adding Ben Hadwen on flutes and Jaelee Small on backing vocals.

When I needed a remix I thought of Max straight away who pulled in fellow Ibibio producer and trombonist Tony Hayden. Because I was very particular on my album, here I gave them Carte Blanche to do exactly as they pleased, and they went all Jungle/ Drum n’ Bass on it. I love the way it unfurls.

The ‘Jungle Punk Mix’ has some really shouty vocals at the front. Max insisted on these, I was too afraid to put them on my own album, I find shouting pretty distressing, but I can recognise the power of it. I enjoy a good demonstration, and at the moment, let’s face it there’s lots to shout about. My music is a way of expressing hundreds of thoughts, a mouthpiece for several souls, cultures, situations…feelings.

The Cage takes you through so many within just one song – concrete jungle to garden of Eden, to the sea and a boat…slavery dissolving, freedom becoming reality, pain giving way to a sense of communion and peace. Izem took it somewhere else again, he was so playful with the vocals that he ended up creating a new phrase. ‘bite, just bite, just bite me’. quite sexy really.

That’s why I love the remixes…they each take you somewhere else.”




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