Karsh Kale – Across The Ocean ft. Benny Dayal , Priya Darshini, Komorebi, Warren Mendonsa, Max ZT and Currency Audio (Single)




  1. Across The Ocean


Release Date: June 5, 2020

“I was originally inspired to create this piece as an offering of hope to those who feel a sense of despair and feel isolated in these times.  After creating an initial version, I sent the piece which I had already called “Across The Ocean” to some amazing musician friends who, in their own home studios, sent their own individual interpretations of what they felt the piece was saying. The only brief I gave the artists was that the ocean is the theme.  It is what connects us all around the world and gives a sense of hope when we feel trapped. I was imagining people standing at the ocean sending messages to loved ones during these trying times. The video was shot on location in everyones home set to the backdrop of images of the ocean. It is an honor to premier this video and song as part of the UN’s World Environment Day.” – Karsh Kale 




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