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“What’s unique about Jah Sun’s sound is his lyrical virtuosity, along with precise arrangements and an abundance of charisma that affects his music with a palpable energy…” – Huffington Post


Jah Sun & The Rising Tide are proud to announce “Rock Paper Scissors,” the first single from their upcoming album Running Through Walls, due out this Summer. The single is available now and is accompanied by a vibrant video filmed on location in Goa, India. The band will be on tour starting in May to showcase music from the upcoming release. Full tour dates below.

“Rock Paper Scissors” is a song about the games we play when we’re in love. Everyone can relate to the confusion when we fall for someone. The song is about the ups and downs of love. Like love, it has an intoxicating vibe that oddly makes you feel good even though you might be hurting. Jah Sun elaborates, “The song title and lyrics throughout are a fun play on words to what would otherwise be a sad love story. We’ve all had someone play with our heart – and it especially hurts when we’ve fallen for them. Rock Paper Scissors is that song, but with our positive, feel good spin on it.” He adds, “It takes the pain of love and turns it into a playful song with clever lyrics. The music takes the mind off the pain and lets it heal as the body grooves to the music. It’s special because it will help people get past heartbreak and who knows – find someone new to vibe with!” The single was produced with producer/multi-instrumentalist Jallanzo “Dub MatriXx,” who collaborated to spread the message of positivity and love through uplifting sounds.

The single has a strong connection to Goa, India, where Jah Sun performed in early 2020. It was recorded at AMT Studios and the music video filmed on location in Goa India by Seen Productions.

The Rising Tide features lead vocalist/singer songwriter Jah SunTony Thompson on guitar, Lexington Mainard on keys, Beau “Arrow” Sheppard on bass/harmonies, Nick “Kirbz” Kirby on drums/harmonies, and producer/multi-instrumentalist Omar “Jallanzo” Johnson.


Beginnings – Jah Sun

Jah Sun is an American singer, songwriter, and musician. He is internationally known for blending world music with reggae and promoting a message of hope and peace. Jah Sun, began his life in Austin, Texas, a part of the new school roots movement, along with artists like Chronixx and Protoje, Jah Sun incorporates meaningful lyrics with a rich, live instrumental backdrop.

One of his earliest influences was his step father Jack Bailey, a rapper and singer who was also involved early on in the Breakdancing movement. After being exposed to black culture through Bailey, Jah Sun began breakdancing as well as earning himself notoriety in the Freestyle rap community. Jah rapped under the name Magi and went on to win several freestyle competitions earning him the chance to open shows for prominent rappers including GravediggazMasta AceGeto Boys, and other US acts. 

In the early 1990s, Jason went through a lifestyle revolution after being exposed to Bob Marley‘s “Time Will Tell”. According to Jah Sun this is the piece of music that changed his life and his career path. He was inspired to wear dreadlocks and eat a vegetarian diet.

Around this time, Jah Sun started to learn guitar and write his own songs. In 1995, Jason and his partner were expecting their first child, this and other extenuating circumstances led him to leave Texas. Over the next ten years he would live in Hawaii, Miami, Seattle and Los Angeles. After this time of exploration and self-searching, he released his first album as Jah Sun in 2005.

Jah Sun’s professional music career began in 2005 with the release of “The Height of Light”, a full length album from More Love Productions. The track “Fiyah Dance” was featured on MTV‘s show “Laguna Beach”. However, it was his second album, “Battle The Dragon” (2012) that helped Jah Sun gain notoriety worldwide. “Battle The Dragon” featured collaborations with Peetah Morgan, Gentleman, and J-Boog; among other successful reggae artists. Shortly after “Battle The Dragon” was released, Jah Sun not only toured throughout the US but was also invited to Europe where he toured through Sweden, Spain, and Italy. “Battle The Dragon” also had the track “Where Is Your Love” featured in Glee. 2015’s album “New Paradigm” was the first time Jah Sun worked solely with one production team throughout the album. He collaborated with the Austrian reggae group House of Riddim and eventually went on to tour with the same band. “Between The Lines”, released in 2017, was Jah Sun’s return to a more relaxed style of songwriting and recording that was not apparent in his three prior albums. “Between The Lines” was recorded in an analog studio where Jah Sun incorporated string instruments. He began to explore a wider scope of influences that let “Between The Lines” to be different from his previous releases[8]. The new sound coming from Jah Sun caught the attention of Six Degrees Records due to its World music sound. Jah Sun’s 2020 release “Magic and Madness” takes its title inspiration from a month long tour in India where Jah Sun reflected on the fact that we live in a world of magic and madness[9]. This album was produced in collaboration with Jallanzo of Dubtonic Kru. Jah Sun and The Rising Tide (his current band) released “Running Through Walls” in August of 2021.

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