Dom La Nena Moreno Remix Cover

Dom La NenaMoreno (El Búho Remix) 


  1. Moreno (El Búho Remix)


Dom La Nena is having an amazing year. The Brazilian born, Paris resident’s new album Tempo has been warmly received by critics & fans around the world, especially in France, where tracks are being playlisted on numerous radio stations, including Radio Nova who has had it in heavy rotation for many months. Tempo has also been nominated for the prestigious Les Victoires du jazz award for best World Music album. In addition a remix of Dom’s 2014 song “Batuque” has become a genuine Tik Tok phenomenon, propelling it to the #1 Viral Track status on Spotify, in many parts of the world. Riding the wave of all of this momentum, comes a fantastic new remix of Tempo’s track “Moreno” by the artist/producer El Buho, someone who also has a strong, worldwide following & a streaming track record in the many millions.



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