David Walters + Vincent Segal, Ballaké Sissoko and Roger Raspail


The Marseille-based composer/guitarist/vocalist David Walters has long created music that transcends fixed borders. Whether as a DJ/producer remixing the Buenos Aires/ Paris Gotan Project; as a founding member of Zimpala – an electro hip-hop collective – or during his travels to Africa, where he studied alongsideAli Farka Touré, Walters’s approach has always been refreshingly eclectic, albeit stamped with the imprint of his West Indies origins. Walters is Paris born, his mother is from Martinique, his father comes from Saint Kitts and Nevis.* 
Dating back to his first releases  – some of which appeared on Gotan Project’s ¡Ya Basta! record label – David Walters has affirmed and reinvented his Afro-Caribbean musical ancestry, transforming this rich heritage into the foundations of his distinctive musical voice – reinterpreting, for example to “Mesi Bon Dyé” by the seminal Haitian composer Frantz Casseus for the label in the early 2000s.* While more than a decade later, Walters visited New Orleans for the Nola is Calling” project that united musicians from the US, Benin and France.*

Albums by David Walters

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