1. Coreto


Release Date: March 13, 2020

Latin GRAMMY award winning artist Céu announced she is dropping her new single “Coreto” on March 13, from her upcoming fifth studio album APKÁ! The full length album is out April 24 in North America & Europe on Six Degrees Records.

Céu states about the single, “Coreto is a song that reflects some of my love for soul music and Ballroom music. It’s something I’ve always enjoyed, playing a little bit with the idea of having my music on the radio. I think I have always been an artist that lives in between the indie and the mainstream worlds, so it’s also a reflection on that, about contrasts and an invitation to dance, to enjoy.”

APKÁ! (with capital letters and an exclamation point), the fifth album from São Paulo’s Céu, consolidates the journey of the singer and composer’s career up to this point. A hot, minimalist record, which brings together sonic, thematic, musical and conceptual extremes, the new album reveals an artist passing through the musical trips made on previous records while eventually leaving her chrysalis, transformed into a new composer and interpreter, ready to start a new phase of her career.

The album’s title comes from Céu’s youngest child Antonino, a word shouted by the one year old to express complete satisfaction.




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