1. Corpocontinente


Release Date: January 24, 2020

APKÁ! (with capital letters and an exclamation point), the fifth album from São Paulo’s Céu, consolidates the journey of the singer and composer’s career up to this point. A hot, minimalist record, which brings together sonic, thematic, musical and conceptual extremes, the new album reveals an artist passing through the musical trips made on previous records while eventually leaving her chrysalis, transformed into a new composer and interpreter, ready to start a new phase of her career.

The album’s title comes from Céu’s youngest child Antonino, a word shouted by the one year old to express complete satisfaction. Smiling & happy, Céu’s son with producer and drummer Pupillo, shouts the strange, made-up word to show that he is happy with everything from a meal to a game. It’s a mixture of excitement and gratitude. In its own way, APKÁ! does just that – in the form of music.

APKÁ! features the same team that worked on Céu’s celebrated previous studio album Tropix. French musician Hervé Salters, from the band General Elektriks, repeats his role as co-producer and keyboardist, as well as long-time bassist and faithful accomplice Lucas Martins and Pupillo on drums, programming and co-production. Guitarist Pedro Sá, completes the quartet that accompanies Céu on almost all of the new album’s tracks. 

Despite the returning collaborators, APKÁ! is far from a Tropix 2, a fact that begins to prove itself with the diffuse track “Corpocontinente”, a psychedelic, slow motion composition that begins to show Céu stretching out and experimenting beyond previous productions. By the new album’s fourth song, it becomes apparent that the compositions, vocals and musical arrangements (all personally overseen by Céu herself ) begin to reveal different musical influences and references than previously exhibited in her discography.




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