Baraka Moon – Wind Horse
Label: Baraka Moon Music


  1. Bismillah
  2. RasaDivine
  3. Narayane
  4. AllahHoo
  5. Sabir
  6. Mankuntu
  7. JulayJulay
  8. WindHorse
  9. AlapBhopali


Release Date: October 6, 2017

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area and uniting influences from mystical Sufi trance songs, Indian ragas, African beats & the Australian Aboriginal didgeridoo, BARAKA MOON lovingly pulsing, soulful and spiritually-charged dance music with a positive message of peace for the whole world!

BARAKA MOON Members: Sukhawat Ali (Vocals, Harmonium)Stephen Kent (Didgeridoo, Percussion, Bass, Guitar)Anastasi Mavrides (Guitar, Bass, Bkg.Vocals) and Peter Warren (Drums).

Sukhawat Ali (Khan) – Baraka Moon’s charismatic and passionate vocalist draws from his luminary family’s 600-year-old Pakistani singing tradition with a voice that comes straight from the heart and soars to the heavens. He can also be heard squeezing and cajoling sweet ragas and shredding blues riffs from his harmonium.

Stephen Kent – A one-man-band Didgeridoo/Percussion virtuoso is a globally-acclaimed pioneer in bringing the ancient Aboriginal instrument to the contemporary world. With a primal shout, he conjures a deep and earthy pulse that is the vibratory core of Baraka Moon’s compelling groove engine.

Peter Warren – Our Drummer/Percussionist is responsible for the irresistible and dynamic power of Baraka Moon’s full-on dance-beats, with grooves honed over many years performing with African musicians and dancers in the U.S. and his native Canada.

Anastasi Mavrides – Bringing his unique and seasoned guitar playing to the music, Anastasi blends-in shimmering chordal voicings, with soaring anthemic melodies and downright super-funky rhythms. He also provides lush supporting vocals to Sukhawat’s singing.


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