The outpouring of love in the wake of 60 Minutes story about the Zomba Prison Project has been overwhelming. Thank you to everyone that has sent us messages from around the world.

In answer to many of your questions:

This is how you can purchase both releases by the Zomba Prison Project:

I Will Not Stop Singing: https://sixdegrees.lnk.to/PplSi

I Have No Everything Here: https://sixdegrees.lnk.to/zpp-1

Info about donating to the prisoners can be found here: http://tinyurl.com/z5jw4dw

Many of you have asked about sending actual items like books and instruments to the prisoners. Unfortunately, this is complicated and there is no guarantee that these will get over the border and into the hands of the inmates. We encourage you to donate money via the link above. 

Thank you for all of your love & support-

Watch the 60 Minutes Feature below

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