Some quotes from real human consumers about Let’s Make Love, the new album from Brazilian Girls.

These are just a few of the comments that fans have left on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, & People LOVE this record and we know so much new music comes out constantly but, if you haven’t heard this fantastic album yet, try to make some time to experience what has all of these folks raving about:

“It is SO F**KING GOOD you guys!!! best album you have ever released, and I have always love everything you have offered.”

“This is like a Stereolab song performed by Florence + The Machine produced by Trent Reznor And I like it!” (commenting on the song “Pirates”)

“Oh Brazilian Girls, how your #sexy #stoner #hedonist #party #dance #vibes were missed”

“I can’t get enough of this new Brazilian Girls album! It’s so wonderfully dancy.”

“I’m so happy that they are back that I’m crying at the computer like a fool!”

“Heard this for the first time yesterday on KCRW (where else ?) Really blew me away to hear is was The Brazilian Girls! Love it , Love It, Love It!”

“Such a great album. Perfect for Summer.”

“Sunshine Sex Vibes with a brand new Brazilian Girls. This record f**ks no doubt.”

“New Album is worth the wait! Always amazing balance on a Brazilian Girls album, everybody can get what they need. But this one has the added wisdom that what we ALL need is more boot-knocking”

“A fab dose of aural loveliness”

Let’s Make Love is SOOOOOOO good, my soundtrack today for a perfect day in NYC.”

“Amazing album from start to finish!!!!!!”

“VERY MUCH NOT DISAPPOINTED. Just loving it – will be in heavy rotation for a while.”

“I’ve played this on repeat ALL DAY!”

“A great album from start to finish, “Karaköy” is one of my favorites. Sabina, you really show your range, and it’s perfection.”

“Thank you all for a superb album and my Spring/Summer soundtrack.”

“I am absolutely adoring this new Brazilian Girls

“What do I have on repeat this week? It’s the fantastic new album from Brazilian Girls LET’S MAKE LOVE

“THANK YOU FOR THE LOS ANGELES SHOW! My legs were sore for 3 days because I danced so hard!”

“This Brazilian Girls show is full of gen xers having more fun than I have ever seen”

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