We have fully refreshed our playlist Traveler (The Best In Global Music).
The full playlist is available via Spotify and we are happy to announce that we have teamed up with Soundsgood to offer you more listening experiences: you can now listen to our playlists in all your other favorite services (Youtube, Soundcloud, Deezer or Apple Music).

From co-founder and head of A&R, Bob Duskis:

“It’s always a bit intimidating to make the “deep dive” needed to do a complete update to our “Traveler (The Best In Global Music)” Playlist. It takes me weeks to do the listening & research needed to present a credible cross section of some of the best in new World Music releases. The good news is that I always come out the other end invigorated & excited about the depth & breadth of the music coming from all corners of the Globe. They say that difficult times often produce amazing music & I would hazard a guess that we are seeing some of that these days. This latest group of songs includes new music from some familiar names like Amadou & Mariam, Antibalas & Red Baraat, as well as some exciting new discoveries (at least for me) like Labelle, Fabiano Do Nascimento, Rafael Aragon & many others. The playlist features quite a few cross cultural collaborations like Duende India Collective & Indotranceltic which sound unlikely on paper but work beautifully musically. There’s not one – but two Hip Hop Baltic fusion projects (Balkan Bump & Mr. Lif & Brass Menažeri Balkan Brass Band) & a bunch of gorgeous sounds that run the gamut from joyous & upbeat to haunting & introspective. Please take a moment to “Follow” the Playlist & please spread the word about it to anyone you think might appreciate this ongoing effort to expose this music as far & wide as possible.”

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