Various Artists – Tone and Manor Presents: All over the Place, Vol. 1

Label: Tone & Manor


  1. Help – Verbless
  2. Upstart – ZVXKO
  3. Mother – Billie Fountain
  4. Bougainvillea – Olypse & Sweatson Klank
  5. Running – Project Royale
  6. Butterfly Effect – The Human Example
  7. Ghost Light – Rite Along
  8. Highway Solitude – Sweatson Klank
  9. Sun City – Vane


Release Date: October 12, 2018

“All Over The Place” Volume 1 & 2 is a two part celebratory compilation meant to introduce the world to the label, featuring a wide range of styles from upcoming artists whom the label plans to release EP’s and full-lengths by in the future.

Vol 1 begins with “Help,” a lush and heavy hitting track from newcomers Verbless. The tracks mellow introduction progresses into a catchy head nodding banger reminiscent of early Kaytranada. On “Mother Marie,” the 3rd track on the compilation, Bille Fountain delivers an 80’s Pop masterpiece, tinged with soft guitars and synths that make us nostalgic for the days of our youth.  The track is a great foreshadowing of what’s to come from this talented singer/producer. Think M83 meets The Cars in an alternate reality of 1984.

Sweatson Klank himself delivers 2 songs to the compilation as well. “Bougainvillea” is a collaboration with newcomer Olypse. A soulful mid-tempo house groover that pays homage to the late 80’s funk greats, all while remaining firmly footed in the future. Sweatson‘s second offering, “Highway Solitude,” is an emotive piece which evokes the meditative feeling of long drives down deserted highways. Other highlights include “Butterfly Effect” by Mumbai born producer The Human Example, a lush downtempo beat inflicted journey with nods to early Shlohmo and J Dilla.

Tone & Manor is excited to share this offering of songs with you and we hope you enjoy discovering the talent of these new artists as much as we have. This is just the beginning.


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