ThrillHammer – Bohemian Berlin Disco – EP

LABEL: Hardkiss Music


  1. Bohemian Berlin Disco
  2. Bohemian Berlin Disco (The Shoplifters Remix)
  3. Bohemian Berlin Disco (G & R Dub)
  4. Bohemian Berlin Disco (Gavin Hardkiss Defender of Androgyny Remix)
  5. Bohemian Berlin Disco (Sleight Of Hands Remix)


Release Date: February 22, 2019

ThrillHammer is a musical hybrid created by the Silk Road Truckers’ frontman, Coltorious, and DJ/Producer, Duserock.  After the tragic murder of Anthony “Bubbles” TorresColtorious approached DJ / Producer Duserock about collaborating on a track that he and Bubbles were writing. This spawned the single “Bohemian Berlin Disco.” ThrillHammer performed Bohemian Berlin Disco at the Main Stage at Gay Pride 2018 in San Francisco for a special tribute.
A San Francisco anthem in the making, there are remixes from a cross section of local dance music producers. The Original version by Colton and Ryan lunges forward with fury. Video and audio collagist Dtek offers up the delightful TheShoplifters Remix. Gavin Hardkiss and Ryan trick out the Shoplifters version in the G&R Dub. Gavin thentakes an acid direction with his late night excursion. Manny Alferez (Monarch and The Great Northern) and Phil Rene Collis (Bachelors of Science) spawn the Sleight of Hands Remix.  
Draw your own conclusions from the song’s lyrics, but there’s certainly enough to entertain the new, the old and the fabulous from the Castro, the Tenderloin and the Marina. There’s something for everyone.
Fondly remembered, Bubbles left skid marks and scandals everywhere he visited. His Facebook videos from Berlin, London, Santa Fe and festivals and nightclubs in California are testimony to his unabandoned quest for freedom. Although his murder is unsolved, and the perpetrator has not been caught, Bubbles music lives on in this release on Hardkiss Music.


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