Best of Bossacucanova (Cover Art)

Best of Bossacucanova (Cover Art)

Now On Sale- A new collection of the best of Bossacucanova, featuring two previously unreleased tracks. These guys are the original architects- and still the masters of, fusing classic, groovy Brazilian vibes with modern production.

Released on: 8/12/16

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  1. Berimbau
  2. Consolação
  3. Meditação
  4. Bye Bye Brasil
  5. Água De Beber
  6. Brasilidade
  7. Essa Moça Tá Diferente
  8. Previsão
  9. Águas De Março
  10. Adeus América (feat. Os Cariocas, Oscar Castro Neves and Wilson Simoninha)
  11. É Preciso Perdoar (feat. Emilio Santiago)
  12. Balança (Não Pode Parar!) (feat. Cris Delanno)
  13. Índio Quer Apito (feat. Orquestra Criôla and Pedro Luis)
  14. Waldomiro Pena (Dalata Remix)

Formed by Márcio Menescal, son of bossa nova artist Roberto Menescal, Grammy Award nominees Bossacucanova combine traditional bossa nova with electronica and groove- based dance music. Bossacucanova launched with Menescal plus fellow Brazilians, Alexandre Moreira and DJ Marcelinho Da Lua, all working under a name that means “bossa with a new mind,” a sound first heard on their debut album, Revisited Classics, which was released by Six Degrees Records in 1999. Their sophomore effort, 2001’s Brasilidade, featured Bossa pioneer (and Marcio’s Dad), Roberto Meniscal on guitar. That record was nominated for a Latin Grammy in 2002, in the Best Brazilian Contemporary Pop Album category. Uma Batida Diferente arrived in 2004 with guest vocals from Chris Delanno, who soon became the group’s touring singer and a regular member of the ensemble. The late Oscar Castro-Neves and many other Brazilian luminaries appeared on the group’s 2014 effort, Our Kind Of Bossa, an album that found the group adding sambas to their repertoire. The Best Of Bossacucanova is just that, a collection that brings together some of the group’s most popular tracks, taken from a cross section of their releases, many of which feature some of Brazil’s greatest singers and instrumentalists. The package is rounded out with a never before released track and a new remix by famed Brazilian fusioneers, Da Lata. “After more than 15 years on the road, we are more than a big band—we are a large family!” says Marcio Menescal. “Somehow we keep doing it our own way, with our own beat, in a unique studio process and production that makes this band so special and timeless,” he concludes. “We play and produce wholeheartedly, and the albums are consistent. Above all we end up learning a lot and getting better in the studio, as well as growing personally, which gives us a more solid result at work.” Now for the first time, some of the best of that irresistible body of work is available on one great collection.

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