Sonova is all about the pocket. Canadian producer Andrew McPherson’s latest musical identity is a fanboy’s tip o’ the hat to 80’s and 90’s groove music – heady days when the mix of funk, jazz, dub, reggae, downtempo, and breakbeat brought a unified front of uplift and chill vibes to hungry ears and hips. When labels like Ninja Tune, Astralworks, K7, Island, Acid Jazz, Blue Note and Verve all lead the pack with fresh mixes where funk, dub and downtempo rubbed up against jazz and latin breaks, B-movie soundtracks and soul odysseys.

     Fans of Six Degrees Records will recognize Andrew from his other Distributed Artist projects, global fusionists Eccodek and ambient sonic shapeshifters, Peppermoth. With Sonova, Andrew distills his passion for groove over a series of 3 eps, titled Future Grateful Vol. 1-3. Simmering in the tracks are the hazy days in the UK and Europe, when producers and djs birthed a musical movement of blunted beats to move the room. But Sonova’s story actually began in those influential years when, in 1999, Andrew wrote, produced but never released, a 10-track album fuelled by the buzz of St.Germain and the British acid jazz scene. Flash forward 25 years and he’s updated the musical blueprint with 8 new tracks, creating a musical bookend to the original 10. Joyful, funky and life affirming pocket for desperate times.

With funky beats, soulful Fender Rhodes, flute, trumpet and sax, rich bass, soulful vocal breaks and dubbed out sonics, Future Gratefuls 18 tracks want to be your road trip companion, your late night playlist and your Sunday afternoon daydream. Future Grateful.



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