Saafi Brothers – Mystic Cigarettes: Special Remixes Of Classic Flavours

LABEL: Liquid Sound Design


  1. On Air (Youth Remix)
  2. Sweet Sirenes (Braincell Remix)
  3. Internal Code Error 930 (The Delta Remix)
  4. Sweet Sirenes (Jam El Mar Remix)
  5. 2046 (The Irresistible Work Remix)
  6. Supervisor (Koan Remix)
  7. Together In Silence (Kalumet Remix)
  8. Sweet Sirenes (DM-Theory Remix)
  9. 2046 (Eternal Basement Remix)
  10. Internal Code Error 930 (PsyTechProject Remix)
  11. Together in Silence (Backstage Gurus Remix)
  12. 046 (Bluetech Remix)
  13. Supervision (Ajja Remix)
  14. On Air (Cosmic Orient Remix)
  15. Internal Code Error 930 (JOEY Remix)
  16. Sweet Sirenes (Gabriel Le Mar Remix)
  17. 2046 (Living Light Remix)
  18. Together in Silence (Latin Soldier Remix)
  19. On Air (Lightning & Thunder Remix)
  20. Internal Code Error 930 (Jammin’ Unit Remix)


Release Date: May 31, 2019

Saafi Brothers are delighted to present the remix album of ‘Mystic Cigarettes’ on Youth’s Liquid Sound Design label. With remixes by Youth, Gabriel Le Mar, Ajja, Bluetech, Braincell, DM-Theory, Eternal Basement, Jam El Mar, The Irresistible Force, The Delta, Kalumet, Koan, Jammin Unit, Living Light, Cosmic Orient, Backstage Gurus, JOEY, Latin Soldier, Thunder & Lightning and PsyTechProject, the timeless beats of the original tracks are projected into the future, guaranteed to get you grooving to their eternally danceable speed and lush soundscapes – but all with a fresh twist.

Saafi Brothers’ mystical journey began in 1996 when, inspired by his travels to India, Gabriel Le Mar started a collaboration with Frankfurt-based producers Michael Kohlbecker and Groovetitan to research unknown spiritual flight zones in exotic club sound environments. After they had produced a couple of remixes, their friend Jam El Mar (Jam&Spoon) pushed them into making an album because they had their own ‘Saafi sound’: soul-wrenching deep ambient tunes, layered gently into trance, dubby bassy beats and softly progressive realms.

After 23 continuous years of travelling and producing music together, it’s the Saafi Brothers’ deep friendship that keeps their rhythm beating, embodying the spirit of timeless music. They’ve retained their original love for chill out and dub music with deep and melodic soundscapes, while keeping their tribal techno roots as firm foundations for their musical masterpieces, consistently producing bass rich tunes to trip out to.


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