Ruven Nunez – Time Will Tell

LABEL: Ruven Nunez Music


  1. Mahakala
  2. Om Parvat
  3. Sagarmatha
  4. Mahamaya
  5. Ganga Aarti
  6. Samadhi
  7. Rishi Pahar
  8. Sandakphu
  9. Arjuna’s Dream
  10. Seeking Truth
  11. Earth Is My Witness
  12. Yearning for Past Moments
  13. Gathering Thoughts
  14. Water and Mountain
  15. I Shall Return to the Ashes
  16. A Fire That Lights Your Path – Edited Version
  17. The Slow Burning Desire
  18. Illusion of Duality
  19. Time Will Tell


Release Date: August 9, 2019

I released four albums with acoustic guitar material. Three were the ‘Devotional Songs’ albums from 2016, and the other one was ‘Samadhi’ from 2018. All four of them are quite different in approach, feel and tone, but still contained elements that were connected in their nature. With ‘Time Will Tell’ I wanted to make that connection, point towards the essence and paint a bigger picture. This compilation includes eleven songs from the ‘Devotional Songs’ albums, two songs from ‘Samadhi’ and six new songs, which were culled from a recording session that took place during a full moon night in 2019. – Ruven Nunez


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