Ruven Nunez – Samadhi

LABEL: Ruven Nunez Music


  1. Anavasada
  2. Shima Enaga
  3. Komorebi
  4. Ancapaa
  5. Duhkha
  6. Mahadeva
  7. Samsara
  8. Kabuki
  9. Haru No Hana
  10. Samadhi
  11. Arjuna’s Dream


Release Date: October 19, 2018

All of the music on Samadhi was improvised and recorded over a couple of long nights in the attic. Actually, I wasn’t that keen on recording music anymore. It has become somewhat of a weary and tiring process to me, especially the technical aspects of it and post-production. But I felt that there was still energy inside me that wanted to be captured, sonically. So let’s say that I emptied myself with this album. After recording, I felt things were full circle, emotionally and musically.

Whenever I recorded some new music, I tried to use the equipment in a different way than I did before. I tried to give the music new coloration and different depth. Of course, the music was always at the center, but still I wanted each record to sound a bit different from the others that I recorded before.

On ‘Samadhi’ I consciously used a guitar that I have never played before. And because the guitar sounded drastically different from the one that I was used to, the microphone set-up as usual didn’t work anymore. So I experimented with microphone placement, doing it like I haven’t done it before. Also, for the first time, there are percussive elements in a few of the songs. It’s also the longest album I have recorded so far, mainly because of the inclusion of ‘Arjuna’s Dream’, which was a very intuitive and playful experiment in sonic delay.

I must say, the last two years have been an emotional struggle to me. And probably all of it manifested in ‘Samadhi’. Grief, spiritual confusion, existential conflict – also endless love and gratitude. But there’s especially one thing that fills my entire being… awe.

My intention is always for the wellness of every living being. I hope my intention reaches you.


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