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Azam Ali

From Night to the Edge of Day (2011) Photos Bio Downloadable bio (DOC)

Beto Villares

Beto Villares (2008) Photos Bio Downloadable bio (PDF)

Bombay Dub Orchestra

Tales from the Grand Bazaar (2013) Photos Bio Downloadable bio (DOC) New York Remixes (2012) Photos 3 Cities (2008) Photos [gallery link="file" type="rectangular"...


Best of BossaCucaNova (2016) Photos Bio Downloadable bio (DOC) Downloadable bio (PDF) Our Kind of Bossa (2014) Photos Bio Downloadable bio (DOC) Downloadable bio...

Brazilian Girls

LET'S MAKE LOVE (2018) PHOTOS     BIO Downloadable Doc Downloadable PDF


Tropix (2016) Bio: .DOC | .PDF Céu Live (2015) Bio [ .PDF | .DOC ]  Photos Caravana Sereia Bloom (2012)...


Mexican Institute of Sound + Toy Selectah Present: COMPASS (2016)   Photos BIO Compass Bio English [ DOC // PDF ] Compass Bio Español [ DOC // PDF ]   PRESS RELEASE...


Arrocha (2012) Photos Bio Downloadable bio (DOC)

Dawn Landes & Piers Faccini

Desert Songs EP (2016) Bio: .DOC | .PDF Music Videos:


Ondar EP (2014) Photos Bio Downloadable bio (DOC)

The Dø

Both Ways Open Jaws (2011) Photos Bio Downloadable bio (DOC)

Dom La Nena

Cantando (2016) Bio in English DOC | PDF Bio in French PDF Photos Soyo (2015) Bio Downloadable Bio SOYO (PDF) Ela por Eles –...


In Between Times (the Remixes) (2016) Photos In Between Times Remixes Bio (doc) In Between Times Remixes Bio (PDF)   Dub, Sweat & Tears  (2014) Photos [gallery link="file" type="rectangular"...


Life Of A Strange Day (2017) Bio: .DOC | .PDF  

Great American Canyon Band

(2017) Photos     Out Here (2016) Bio: [ .DOC | .PDF ] Photos Only You Remain (2016) Bio: [ .DOC | .PDF ] Photos [gallery...

Jef Stott

Arcana (2012) Photos Bio Downloadable bio (DOC)

Karsh Kale

UP (2016) Bio: DOC | PDF Photos Cinema (2011) Bio: PDF

Kassé Mady Diabaté

Kiriké (2015) Photos Bio Downloadable Bio (PDF) Video




When The People Move The Music Moves Too (2017) Photos BIO PDF | DOC     We Are Alive (2014) Photos [gallery link="file" type="rectangular"...

Midival Punditz

Light (2015) Photos Bio MidivalPunditzLightBio (PDF) Hello Hello (2009) Photos Bio Downloadable bio (PDF)


Mexican Dust (2017) PHOTOS BIO PDF | DOC  


The Best Of Niyaz (2017) Photos BIO Downloadable Bio (PDF) Downloadable Bio (DOC)   The Fourth Light (2015) Photos Bio...

Nina Miranda

Freedom of movement (2017) Photos BIO Downloadable BIO (Pdf) Downloadable BIO (Doc)


Amor Planeta (2014) Photos Bio Downloadable bio (PDF)

Piers Faccini

I dreamed an Island (2016) Photos Bio DOC | PDF Bio DOC | PDF Piers Faccini Blog on the making of the album Between Dogs and Wolves (2013) Photos...


Jupiter (2016) Bio: .PDF | .DOC   Ocean View Remixes (2015) Janeiro EP (2014) Photos [gallery link="file"...

Silvana Kane

La Jardinera (2012) Photos Bio Downloadable English-language bio (DOC) Downloadable French-language bio (DOC)

The Turbans

The Turbans (2018) Photos   Bio Downloadable BIO Doc Downloadable BIO PDF

The Silver Lake Chorus

The Silver Lake Chorus (2016) Photos Bio TSLC Remixes BIO (doc) TSLC Remixes BIO (PDF)     The Silver Lake Chorus (2015) Photos [gallery link="file" type="rectangular"...

Vieux Farka Touré

Samba (2017) Photos BIO Downloadable BIO (PDF) Downloadable BIO (DOC)   Mon Pays (2013) Photos [gallery link="file"...

Yiddish Glory

The Lost Songs Of World War II (2018) Photos   BIO Downloadable Bio – PDF / DOC


  BIO   Zmei3 Bio Download .doc Zmei3 Bio Download .pdf  

Zomba Prison Project

"I Will Not Stop Singing" (2016) Photos Bio DOC | PDF Donations Page "I Have No Everything Here" (2015) Photos [gallery link="file" type="rectangular"...