From Bob Duskis, Six Degrees co-founder, head of A&R and curator of these themed playlists:

“So here’s something fun. Some of you may know that before I got into the label side of the music biz, I worked in radio for many years. I was fortunate enough to not only work in College, Non Commercial & Listener sponsored radio but to also catch the last days of Free- Form commercial FM radio, working the over-night shift at WIBA FM in Madison WI for over two years. I have a tremendous love for the spirit of those days, when DJs could play what they wanted on the airwaves & we had the ability to juxtapose many different kinds of musics & turn listeners on to new & exciting stuff. Somewhere along the line, I decided that Spotify could be a great engine for creating the equivalent of old school “Mix Tapes” & have been creating a series of different playlists for different moods, styles & genres for Six Degrees Records. This latest playlist, “Head Trip” is my love letter to the days of old school, free- form FM radio, with a psychedelic twist. If I was working late nights on air, right now, these are the kinds of sets I would be spinning. This first installment, smashes up artists like Gong – Band, Popol Vuh, Neu! & Traffic with Björk, Brian Eno, Jonathan Wilson, Jerry Garcia, Dirtwire, Warp Technique & many more. The over-all vibe is blunted, headphone friendly & cosmic. If this sounds like something you might enjoy, “Follow” the playlist on Spotify, tell your friends & take the trip. I’ll be asking some industry friends who I think will have fun with the concept to do future installments, so contact me if you’re interested.”

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