A note from Bob Duskis, co-founder and head of A&R about this playlist:

One of the reasons we started Six Degrees Records back in 1996 was to chronicle the then nascent, Global Electronica scene which was bubbling up around the world. Over 20 years later, it has been fascinating for me to watch this musical phenomenon grow, morph and mutate. We’ve seen the “Global Grooves” genre mature from its early beginnings, where primarily European producers used bits of ethnic samples as moments of “exotica” in their compositions, to a full on movement, where musicians from around the World, now armed with affordable technology, mix the traditional music of their own cultures with the Pop, Rock, Hip Hop & Electronic Dance Music that they also grew up with.

Dance music is a particularly omnivorous beast. It has always cheerfully gobbled up, ingested and incorporated any genre that can live comfortably alongside slamming beats and electronic textures. Even by these inclusive standards, the tribal nature of club music, with the possibilities of “out of the body” dance-floor experiences, seems to be particularly well suited for marriages with music from Africa, India, The Middle East & Latin America. New sub genres like Sacred Bass, Trap, Dubstep & Psy Dub (just to name a few) have sprung up in recent years & I’m sure we will continue to see more pre-mutations in years to come. To me, this only speaks of the viability & seemingly infinite possibilities inherent in this particular galaxy of fusions.

Six Degrees has been part of this musical world since its very early days and I continue to watch this scene with the close, fascinated eye and ear of a genuine fan. It is my hope that our new “Global Grooves Travels” playlist will showcase some of the best and most interesting music that continues to come out of this ever-evolving scene. To me, all of the tracks on this mix prove that “Fusion” doesn’t have to be a bad word. If you agree and this genre interests you, please “Follow” the Playlist and help us spread the word about it to others that you think might also enjoy the music. 

– Bob Duskis



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