Michael Emenau, (MNO), has worked professionally as a classical and jazz musician, composer, producer, and remixer for over 15 years throughout North America, Asia, and Europe. 

He began his professional career in Canada as a classical musician.  Early in his six-year spell playing in orchestras, MNO crossed over to jazz, a radical transition, which brought him to Asia. While living in Japan he honed his skills as a studio musician, playing and recording extensively in electro-jazz, dance and other electronic oriented music. His work can be found on over 50 CD’s including playing vibraphone for the Japanese Acid jazz group “UFO” on the hugely popular “Red, Hot, and Cool” release.  The impact of his time spent in Asia, (including extended time in India, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Korea), can be heard in his compositions today. 

During his seven year residency in San Francisco, California Emenau quickly established himself as a producer, session musician, and performer.  He produced, composed, was supporting founder and toured throughout the US and Canada with the following bands, including but not limited to:  Realistic Orchestra winner of California Music Awards “Best Jazz Group”; Middle-Eastern Electro band “LUMIN” named “Top 10 World Music CD 2004” by Amazon.com; and with his solo project/CD “MNO Sleeps.”

Presently Michael resides in Paris, France where he is a freelance vibraphonist, producer/remixer, and laptop musician and a member of “Anatomic Dada” featuring a quartet of 2 laptops operated by various mallet and percussion midi controllers and 2 video manipulators. 

The Sessions Des Rosiers were produced from 2005 to 2006, reflecting MNO’s newest musical material written and influenced from his new home studio in Paris and celebrating the life of his newborn baby.

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