1. Waheguru The Light (Deep Space Teleportation Telegram Mix)
  2. Ad Guray Namay (The Planetary Paths Of Celestial Dharma Mix)
  3. Ram Japo Ji (Intergalactic Research Institute Ambient Dub)
  4. Mool Mantra (Galactic Soma Of Ancient Light Mix)
  5. Waheguru The Journey (Cartographers of the Cosmos and Other Inner Worlds Mix)
  6. Pootaa Mataa (Pocket Universe Inside Your Private Cosmos Dub)


Release Date: November 13, 2020

Manika Kaur Releases Mystical ‘Yoga Ambient Remixes’

Internationally celebrated artist Manika Kaur releases a new album, Yoga Ambient Remixes, via United Sound Records/Six Degrees Records. Collaborating with musician, artist, and producer Martin “Youth” Glover, the album’s transcendent six-tracks blend the numinous sound of Manika’s ethereal voice and music with the magical echoes of dub into exquisite sonic confections taking listeners across the vast expanses of space to Celestial Dharma or what others call the Empyrean. Presently a member of Killing Joke, Glover has worked with artists such as Kate Bush, Sir Paul McCartney, Pink Floyd, Jah Wobble, David Tibet, Peter Murphy, The Skids, and Roger Eno.

On her part, originally from Australia, Manika’s music mirrors the devotional singing of shabads — Kirtan, merging traditional savors with tints of jazz, velvety textures of dream-pop, and hues of sophisti-pop. A philanthropist, the profits from Manika’s got to ‘Kirtan for Causes,’ a charitable organization providing for impoverished Punjabi children.

Gorgeously transformative, Yoga Ambient Remixes exudes palpable mystical momentum and passionate apostrophes addressed to the spiritual deity.

Thrive Global


“… positively excellent. If you’re seeking music to inspire, relax and cleanse your mind of stress and anxiety, look no further.”

Broadway World





“… truly hypnotic…”

New Age Music Guide


“Manika Kaur’s most diverse and very best work to date.”


“Kaur’s sound is reminiscent of Sade, creamy, sensual, and nuanced with glistening pastel hues, as well as persuasive elegance.”

Seattle Post-Intelligencer


“Sacred Words is simply delectable, full of velvety melodies, sinuous washes of sonic pigments, and graceful milieus.”

Urban Asian


“… a genuine force to be reckoned with.”

Celeb Mix


Sacred Words is sublimely yummy, blending numinous tabla music with the honeyed flavors of pop, dream-pop, and blushing jazz. Manika Kaur’s voice is a confection of pure elegance, which, in combination with the pervasive liquescent mood and feel of the music, makes for a scrumptious listening experience.”


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