1. Harbour Of Inner Light Dub
  2. Flower Power – Remix
  3. Soul Is Sound – Remix
  4. It Is Not Known How Far Is The Destination – Remix
  5. Harmony Observation – Remix
  6. Ecstatic Prana – Remix
  7. Eternal Bliss – Remix
  8. The Joy Of Fragrance – Remix
  9. Journey Never Ends – Remix


Release Date: February 28, 2020

The new release from United Sound label JOURNEY – THE AMBEINT REMIX features nine soul stirring collaborations between the globally renowned producer, artist and music maker Youth and the devotional singer Manika Kaur whose music, poetry and philanthropism have set new standards for change across the developing world. These remixes of sources to enrich to the heart and mind are Youth’s selection from Kaur’s already seminal albums I Bow to You, Waheguru and Sacred Words, in which her God scented voice sublimely blends with reverberant synths, processed bansuri flute and classical Asian stylings.

Youth: “Journeying, both inner and outer is essentially about connecting and reconnecting to a cosmic universal consciousness. The intentions with this album are to facilitate this journey and to build invisible bridges between ancient tradition and the modern world. It’s a great honour to work with Manika and her special gift for communicating the sublime and sacred, through her unique voice and visionary music.”

Born in Australia Manika Kaur moved to London via Dubai in 2018. All proceeds from her work go to Kirtan for Causes a charity that helps impoverished Punjabi children. The influence of her music, poetry and activism has been felt around the world, and she continues to be one of the truly seminal artists connecting the first and third worlds through her collaborations with classical Indian musicians and western artists such as Youth, Talvin Singh and James Yorkston.

Since his beginnings in Punk, Youth has risen to become one of the world’s leading producers and proponents of dub as a musical form capable of the deepest expression. A founding and current member of Killing Joke, he has worked with Kate Bush, Paul McCartney, Pink Floyd, and Jah Wobble, and esoteric artists such as David Tibet, Pete Murphy, and Roger Eno. He continues to produce and collaborate with a range of new and established artists across the globe on major labels and with releases on his Youth Sounds, Liquid Sound Design and Suriya Recordings labels.


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