1. The Act Of Freedom
  2. Where Is The Home Of The Wind
  3. Farewell
  4. Precious Cup
  5. Bootarab
  6. Enlighten the Night
  7. The Moon Beams
  8. Ney Davoud
  9. The Roses and the Meadow
  10.   If I Were God
  11. Lovelorn
  12. The Dawn
  13. I Will Build You Again, My Country


Release Date: June 19, 2020

Blessed are the tears that come from the brook of joy
You travelled with your songs
Joyous is the act of freedom

These words are from the opening poem on Mahsa Vahdat’s new solo album “Enlighten the Night”. Together with Atabak Elyasi (arranger and coproducer) she has made an album in which the songs reflect the strong and necessary hope that all human beings share in times when darkness is growing in our world. Singing out the tears of joy is Mahsa’s act of freedom.

Persian poets, both those from the classical era like Rumi, Khayyam and Saadi the contemporary ones, echo a wisdom, a passion, a sensitivity and a wide humanistic approach since hundreds of years. Through her life and her artistic activity in many countries Mahsa has developed a strong and personal musical expression that gives new life to this great poetic heritage and brings it on to new generations and listeners throughout the world.

Mahsa Vahdat remarks: “This album is another opportunity for me to reflect and challenge my questions, doubts, sensitivity, dreams and desire. The home of my voice is my safest zone in the world where the reign of everything is in my hand, and here I have no fear to reveal my deepest emotional intensity.”

The contemporary poets represented on this album are Simin Behbehani, Ahmad Shamloo, Forough Farrokhzad, Nima Youshij and Mohammad Ibrahim Jafari.

The music of this album was created the recent years during Mahsa’s and Atabak’s staying in many countries where their music has been appreciated by collaborators, presenters and audiences. Their creativity and lasting collaboration have flourished in Tehran, Oslo, Shahmirzad, Berkeley and San Francisco.

Most of Mahsa’s albums have been recorded in Norway. This was the case last year when she last year made the critically acclaimed album “Placeless” together with Kronos Quartet and her sister Marjan, and it was the case again with “Enlighten the Night”. Three Norwegian musicians: pianist Tord Gustavsen, bass player Gjermund Silset and drummer Kenneth Ekornes have all previously taken part in Mahsa’s albums and on this new album they form a poetic and beautiful soundscape around Mahsa’s strong and expressionistic voice. Iranian Shervin Mohajer appears with his kamancheh on one track.

The album was recorded at Kulturkirken Jakob in Oslo, Norway by Martin Abrahamsen and produced by Erik Hillestad with Atabak Elyasi.




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