Manika Kaur – Magic Mantra (single)


  1. Magic Mantra


Release Date: March 19, 2021

In April 2021, Six Degrees Records will release ‘EK’, a brand-new album from Manika Kaur: the leading contemporary performer of Sikh ‘Kirtan’ music. Manika Kaur continues to be the fastest selling and most popular contemporary Sikh solo artist in the world. As the very first person to place Kirtan in the European World Music Charts and views of her videos running in to the many millions, Manika’s music has not only received overwhelming praise from the global Sikh community, but has also transcended and touched the souls of music lovers from all walks of life throughout the world. Now with EK, Manika Kaur is set to expand on this further, gaining even larger audiences and spreading the word of both her music and charitable endeavours far and wide. 

The music on ‘EK’ (meaning ‘Oneness’), remains true to the venerated traditions of Kirtan and features some of the rarest instruments in the world, performed by the very best (and some of the only) remaining players of each. Every song on the album leads with one of these different and specific instruments accompanying Manika Kaur’s vocal, in order to showcase each item and to enhance the overall essence of the work. The traditional elements of the music are then combined with modern sounds, created by some of London’s most renowned music producers This precarious balance has been handled with great care in order to ensure that neither factor outweighs the other – the result is a unique piece of art, as hypnotic as it is mesmerising. 


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