Lana Cencic – When Are We Getting There? (Future Philosopher Remix) – Single

LABEL: Lana Cencic


  1. When Are We Getting There? (Future Philosopher Remix) – Single


Release Date: April 12, 2019

“When I was eight years old I was told that the war had started in my country and at the same time that my parents were divorcing and was given a pen to sign my custody preference. Not only had my whole world collapsed in a matter of minutes, after this life really showed my how impermanent it is, when I had to move countries, schools and friends every few years. I had to leave home and family and was sent to the US for a few months and after that was sent to Austria where I started school again. After two years I was sent England and after three years back to Austria etc. 

My life has been about moving and traveling ever since and I have never again found that home that my little eight year old lost. 
“When are we getting there?” is a song about yearning for that home, that safe place, that community where you are held and loved and understood. Now touring with Cirque du Soleil, I still ask myself, when are we getting there? But the thing is, you never get there. And only immigrants know what I’m talking about. But then you realize that home is not a place outside yourself. It’s a state of mind and state of heart. And people you build relationships with. 
Future Philosopher aka David Binney was that person for me when I had just relocated to New York from Vienna and didn’t know anybody. He was a good friend and listening to him play at the 55 Bar was my home. Besides him being one of my favorite musicians and composers, I was lucky to have him as a friend. How sweet to collaborate with him on this song and have him make an amazing remix for it!“
– Lana Cencic 


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