1. Nobreza


Release Date: May 1st, 2020

South American and United States-based collective LADAMA release an urgent declaration to women across the globe with its electrifying sophomore studio album, OYE MUJER (Six Degrees Records, Release Date: June 12). The four women of LADAMA along with their longtime musical collaborator New York-based bassist Pat Swoboda and renowned Brazilian producer Kassin (Jorge Ben, Bebel Gilberto, Caetano Veloso) collaborate on a rapturous collection of 10 progressive anthems sung in Spanish, Portuguese and English. OYE MUJER channels female empowerment in the face of global crises, unprecedented climate destruction, and unjust immigration policies. Featured special guests on OYE MUJER include Betsayda Machado and Mesticanto (Venezuela), Spok and Lucas dos Prazeres (Brazil), and Eliot Krimsky (New York).

Six Degrees Records releases today LADAMA’s first single “Nobreza” from OYE MUJER, their as of yet unreleased second album. Driven by a mix of Afro-Brazilian rhythms, Lara Klaus sings in Portuguese about the everyday struggle of the working class in Brazil and how people confront hardship with honesty and dignity while finding life’s joy through hopeful times such as the ecstatic experience of Carnival. Klaus notes, “‘Nobreza’ is a song about the strength of Brazilians – that despite the hard work of their ‘every day’ they have faith in a better future. We want to celebrate the richness of Brazilian culture and its mix of races and colors. It’s like a dance to which LADAMA invited guest musicians Spok (saxophone) and Lucas dos Prazeres (percussion) from my hometown of Recife, Brazil.”

LADAMA is an ensemble of innovative women musicians from across the Americas, including vocalist/Bandola Llanera player Mafer Bandola (Venezuela), vocalist/drummer Lara Klaus (Brazil), vocalist/Tambor Alegre player Daniela Serna (Colombia), and vocalist/guitarist Sara Lucas (U.S.). LADAMA socially engages communities on a global scale through eclectic live performances, residencies, and all-ages workshops. LADAMA broadcasts their boundary-less compositions to fans worldwide on many of today’s premier platforms such as NPR’s “Tiny Desk Concert” (2019, LINK), Telemundo’s “Ulta Beauty” campaign presented by NBC/Universal (2019, LINK) that’s garnered over 1 million views on Facebook, TED Conference (2018, LINK), Nacion ESPN: The Latino Experience (2017, LINK), and many others. In 2020, LADAMA features music from OYE MUJER at Lincoln Center (NYC) with a two-week residency in October – November 2020, and curates lesson plans for Steven Van Zandt’s non-profit, TeachRock.




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