Janaka Selekta – Worldly Theater Volume One EP

Label: Worldly Records


  1. Hambla (A Mother’s Calling) featuring Ambika Jois and Violin Chandru
  2. Cosmic Cradle featuring Ambika Jois, Riffat Sultana and Violin Chandru



Release Date: October 23rd, 2020

After many years of globetrotting Janaka Selekta has landed up back in London and this EP sees the first local collaboration with Ambika Jois, Violin Chandru and San Francisco based Riffat Sultana.

Hambala (A Mother’s Calling) was poetically written for Ambika’s unborn child, the words were especially poignant as she recorded the song while pregnant. Violin Chandru, Ambika’s father and world renown violinist, captures the bittersweet mood of the song as Janaka’s rhythm section creates a pulsing dub backdrop.

Cosmic Cradle is the opening to Janaka Selekta’s live concept set that charts the birth of universe. This hypnotic heartbeat of the track sees long-time friend and collaborator Riffat Sultana bring her unique voice to the start of an one hour journey – more releases to follow!


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