Hawke – Melody In My Heart (Single)

LABEL: Hardkiss Music


  1. Melody In My Heart
  2. Melody In My Heart (Joe Miller and Jamie Stevens Remix)


Release Date: December 4, 2020

Melody In My Heart is the first single from the Hawke album The Dark Art of Light Work. The song is a collaboration between several musicians. Joe B, the Psychedelic B-Boy from Houston’s Rebel Crew Sound System produced the vocals while on a trip to Hawaii, where he recorded the voice of singer Jothey.

The song features a performance by Michael Masley. For 25 years, Michael has been hypnotizing crowds on the sidewalks of Berkeley, with the magical sound of his cymbalom. Masley plays his instrument with bowhammers — metal bows attached to his fingers by rings.

Gavin Hardkiss produced and arranged the original and the remix was created by Australian duo Joe Miller & Jamie Stevens. Jamie Stevens has releases on microCastle / Bedrock / Crossfrontier Audio / Replug and is a well known DJ in Melbourne.

The Dark Art of Light Work is a double album that was pre-released as a book through BandCamp in February 2020. The book explores how the imagination creates reality and how you can move your world to higher forms of the beautiful. The book sold out in two weeks.
The album came together through sound experiments and collaborations including performances by SF house music legend Sen Sei, Berkeley street musician Michael Masley, the Novato School of Arts Choir, Joan Baez’s percussionist Gabe Harris, vocalist Paige Sergent, Kathryn Keats and Joclyn Lawrence, sound mystic Padma Aon, Rebel Crew’s own Joe Belmarz and original Lower Haight rapper Scott Samels.
The album official release date is yet to be determined.


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