Gavin Hardkiss + Bisi – Struggle EP

LABEL: Hardkiss Music


  1. Struggle
  2. Pana (Bells Mix) 
  3. Rivers Of Babylon
  4. Better (Director’s Mix) 


Release Date: November 13, 2020

Nigerian singer/performer Bisi Obateru and South African born producer/DJ Gavin Hardkiss release their follow up to the Spirit of Pinboi EP. The single Don’t Know About Love got a lot of love on Spotify where it has been streamed over 20,000 times and featured on prominent AfroPop playlists.

Having met on the set for a video for Thrillhammer’s song, Bohemian Berlin Disco, an ode to Bubbles, a San Francisco trans icon who was murdered in the streets in 2018, Bisi and Gavin discovered that they were both immigrants to the United States and had the common experience of growing up in Africa. Their African roots are the foundation from which the collaboration was born. The compositions that materialized are a hybrid of influences – wide eyed San Francisco electronica with Afro Pop and Afro House nods and a vulnerable and rhythmic vocal flow. The song Better brings into focus the current state of race affairs in the USA.

“Growing up in South Africa and Nigeria, both Gavin and I have witnessed racial atrocities and injustice. We’ve also seen our countries move through the tear gas and the fighting into a brighter future. It’s hard to see the light when you’re in the chaos, when the world around you feels dangerous. Sometimes you feel that you can’t do better. But we can. And we will.” – Bisi

A favorite performer across San Francisco, Bisi has been nominated for Best Performer three years in a row by SF Chronicle.

Gavin Hardkiss recently released the album titled The Dark Art of Light Work under the guise of Hawke.


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