AUX25 Cover

Evan Fraser & Vir McCoy (feat. Rising Appalachia) 

“Water She Dances (Castanea Remix)” 

LABEL: Interchill Records


  1. Water She Dances (Castanea Remix)


Release Date: July 16, 2021

Water She Dances was first released on an album by The Dogon Lights; a great band that Vir and Evan both play in.  It was a collaboration with vocals from Chloe and Leah from Rising Appalachia.  For the Guardians album Vir retrieved the parts and then Grant Chambers ran a new mix of the song which we released. Salt Spring Island, which is home to the label, is a hive of creativity.  Guayaki Yerba Mate’s Come to Life Music produced some beautiful shows at stunning Stowell Lake Farm, and among some great performances, we got to see Rising Appalachia play live in an intimate setting. A memorable evening as Trump took the US election…   Also in the band are Biko Casini, Arouna Diallo and David Brown.  David is a multi instrumentalist and also produces as Castanea.   With his sublime upright bass playing and long musical history with the vocalists, he was a natural choice to ask to remix Water She Dances.
CASTANEA is the alias for Rising Appalachia’s David Brown: the upright bass player, guitarist and producer known for subtle and sublime musical offerings. Parallel passions for trip-hop turntablism and acoustic folk converge in his debut EP, Remast (2018), a collection of downtempo remixes of Rising Appalachia songs. When not touring or tending to a piece of land near Asheville, he produces beats and scores for radio and film.


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