Evan Frasier and Vir Mccoy feat. Leah Song – Yes It’s You (Kaya Project Remix)

LABEL: Interchill Records


  1. Yes It’s You (Kaya Project Remix)


Release Date: June 25, 2021

This release of Kaya Project’s Remix of “Yes It’s You” is the first in a series of remixes of Evan Fraser & Vir McCoy’s album Guardians that was released on Interchill Records in November 2020. The original vocal from Rising Appalachia’s Leah Song was made possible by Tina Malia bringing a mic far off the beaten track in Costa Rica for Leah to record on. It was the Spring of 2020…   
Long time Interchill Records artist and collaborator Seb Taylor (Kaya Project) heard the finished track and stepped forward with a remix, keeping Leah’s beautiful spoken word front and centre and picking up on the acoustic global roots of the original. 
Kaya Project is a tribal fusion of World Music & Electronica primarily built upon Location recordings from exotic locations around the planet.   The collective is spearheaded by U.K. based Producer / Multi Instrumentalist Seb Taylor, having  released Fourteen Albums mostly on Canadian Label Interchill Records, with numerous appearances on Compilations such as Claude Challe’s ‘Buddha Bar’ Series & Six Degrees’ World Traveller series. 
Encompassing original studio sessions & field recordings captured throughout Asia, North Africa & The Middle East, Kaya Project is truly a vibrant melting pot of influences.


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