1. Voyage To Karnataka
  2. Prelude
  3. Om Beach Nectar
  4. Breton Vedic Trance
  5. On The Road To Tattapani
  6. Rosa Ball Secret
  7. Bartic Voyage
  8. These Days In Srinagar
  9. Bardic Springs
  10. Return To Dana’s Ocean
  11. Bardic Springs (Breton Version)
  12. Voyage To Karnataka (Cosmic Odyssey Dub)
  13. A Sea Of Harps (Black Bird Dub)
  14. Om Beach (Dusk Kicker Dub)
  15. Om Beach (Anguna Dub)
  16. RozaBall Secret (Honeysuckle Dub)
  17. Bardic Voyage (Cosmic Voyager Dub)
  18. These Days In Srinagar (Return To The Source Dub)
  19. Bardic Springs (Grail Dub)
  20. Ragga Celtique (Chalic Dub)


Release Date: February 16th, 2018

Elfic Circle is a project that started in 1998 in French Brittany by Celtic and Neo-Celtic Harp player, composer and author Andrea Seki.
Bardik Springs is the result of the Elfic Circle’s journey and studies throughout India, Kashmir and French Brittany. Waves of rippling sound sorcery transport Seki’s spiritual compositions into realms of aural wonder. These new explorations of the boundaries of song merge into an irresistible acoustic-electric symphony. Imagined destinations attain their own voice.
Reverberations stutter and soar throughout Youth and Jamie Grashion’s seismic remixes. Moments of trance, hip-hop, flute, electronica and percussion coalesce into a dazzling journey from the shores of Brittany to the Asian sands of Kashmir. Guitar and synth patterns echo and drone as unearthly sounds crest above what the heart would dream of. Future Global beats are captured through the mastery of the mix as a new landscape manifests. From Bardik Springs to powerful fresh oceans of musical change.


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