Dom La Nena – Oiseau Sauvage – Single


  1. Oiseau Sauvage


Release Date: October 25, 2019

“Oiseau Sauvage” is the first song that I wrote that incorporates the three languages that I have consistently used throughout my life: Portuguese, Spanish and French. Sometimes this is exactly what happens inside my head; a sentence from each language, mixed up and interchanged, as if the three languages have become one in my head.

I wrote this song during my pregnancy. It is a reflection on the incredible feelings of having someone growing inside yourself with whom you share everything very deeply (happiness, sadness, joys, fears). You learn more about this being with time but from whom you do not know a lot about at the beginning.

I discovered the work of the French magician Etienne Saglio during this same period, when I was working on the songs for my next album, “Tempo”. I found his dreamy creative universe very inspiring, his jellyfish, his birds, I was enchanted. Jeremiah and I invited him to work together on the video clip of Oiseau Sauvage. With the “aquatic” characters created by Etienne, Jeremiah captured these impressions to give life to something unknown, which is sweet and a bit disturbing at the same time.

— Dom La Nena




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