1. God Army (feat. Peetah Morgan & Tony B)
  2. Can I
  3. Gi Mi Dat Love (feat. Benjah, Jah Sun, Tony B & Nikki Burt)
  4. No idiot (feat. Isismatic)
  5. God’s Timing (feat. Tony B, Natural Vybz)
  6. Pon Point (feat. Tony B, Naturak Vybz)
  7. Zion Train (feat. Lutan Fyah & Tony B)
  8. Holding On To Joy (feat. Nikki Burt)
  9. 2 Palm Trees (feat. Brady Shammar)
  10. Reggae State of Mind (feat. Tony B)
  11. Shadows of Your Wings (feat. Tony B)
  12. Ride With My Baby (feat. Tony B)
  13. Natty Dreads
  14. Blessings (feat. Tony B)
  15. Each 1 Teach 1 (feat. Fanton Moja & Tony B)
  16. Down the Road


Release Date: June 5th, 2020

Dallas based reggae artist Clay G is proud to announce his debut reggae album, Forged in Fyah. The first single “God Army” features GRAMMY award winning artist Peetah Morgan (of Morgan Heritage) and Tony B, resulting in an uplifting reggae jam, rooted in spirtual lyrics and positive messages. Many notable artists are also featured on Clay G’s album including Lutan Fyah, Fanton Moja, Jah Sun, Benjah, Nikki Burt, Lion Fyah, Natural Vybz, Maad T-Ray of Tribal Seeds and more. The album also includes a stellar cast of producers including Small Axe Production’s & DubTonic Kru as well as local Dallas based producers O.Z. and Tony B.

Clay G’s road to positive reggae music comes from a storied past. He reflects, “This album comes from a spiritual place of Redemption. Most of my life I spent running the streets, hustling and selling drugs in order to pay for my worldly lifestyle. That life caught up to me, and after serving my sentence, I decided to dedicate my life to Christ and start a new journey towards spiritual enlightenment. After creating Hip Hop music for some time, I wanted to switch directions as Reggae was always my favorite genre of music. In 2017, my musical and spirtual friend Tony B. and I started working on our first Reggae album. It was evident that Reggae was where we belonged and the result is Forged in Fyah.” 

The albums title, Forged in Fyah was inpired by successful West Coast reggae artist Jah Sun, who worked closely with Clay G. Clay adds, “Forged in Fyah is the name of the project. The story behind it came from my cousin, another well known reggae artist named Jah Sun. He gave me the inspiration for the title by saying that Clay is forged in fire in order to be molded into its destiny. It was clear, like a Potters Clay, I to had been forged in Fyah to get to where I am today.”



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