Banco de Gaia – Floatless (Single)

LABEL: Disco Gecko Recordings


  1. Floatless


Release Date: June 19,2020

Banco De Gaia has been performing and releasing for over 25 years now, along the way becoming one of the music industry’s most maverick innovators. His legacy is as glittering as it is diverse, ranging from Hollywood film sound credits (‘Pi’) to the critically acclaimed ‘Last Train to Lhasa’, first released in 1995 to a rapturous reception. His live act still packs out venues and festivals all over the world, with audio-visual performances renowned for their explosive, cutting edge quality: from sampling wizardry fused with haunting vocals and poignant acoustics to genre-hopping musical instrumentals, all accompanied by socially engaged visuals.

Banco wrote this track before the current crisis had really taken off in the UK. It was inspired by personal events last year but could equally well reflect what we are currently going through.

Sometimes we are caught on tides we cannot resist. We ride the currents, letting go of expectation. In the end we emerge somewhere new.


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