Banco de Gaia – 30 Times Around the Sun

LABEL: Disco Gecko Recordings


  1. Indihop (Live 1989)
  2. Humilityy (Ecliptic Mix Edit)
  3. Disbelief
  4. Therapy / Terra Om
  5. Indecision (Live 1993)
  6. Kincajou (Small and Cuddly Remix)
  7. Eagle
  8. Heliopolis (Live at Glastonbury 1996)
  9. Drunk as a Monk (Rabbit in the Moon Remix)
  10. Drippy (Deeply Dipped Remix)
  11. Touching the Void (Smells Like Salvation)
  12. Obsidian (Fluke Remix)
  13. How Much Reality Can You Take (Live 2001)
  14. Sakarya
  15. Glove Puppet (Dreadzone Remix)
  16. Gray Over Gray (FutureLoopFoundation’s Nightime Chanteaux Mix)
  17. Tongue in Chic (Midival Punditz Remix)
  18. Farewell Ferengistan
  19. Ynys Elen (Androcell Remix)
  20. Tempra
  21. Soufie (Now That’s What I Call 2009)
  22. Ancient Sky
  23. Farewell Ferengistan (Levente Mix)
  24. Eternal sunshine (Ozclipse Mix)
  25. Wimble Toot
  26. Apollon (Live 2014)
  27. To The Nth Degree
  28. No Hablo Italiano
  29. 91 (Bennun and Healey Dub remix)
  30. Pavlov’s Children


Release Date: February 22, 2019

30 Times Around the Sun is a compilation of tracks drawn from the last 30 years of Banco de Gaia, with every track written, recorded or released in different years during that time. In chronological order, the compilation begins with an early experimental live track and ends with Banco’s latest work.

Banco de Gaia was born in 1989 when Toby Marks and Andy Guthrie decided to try combining electronic dance music (dominated at the time by hip hop and acid house) with elements of ambient and world music. 30 years on the experiment continues and we thought it was time to take stock.

The collection spans house, techno, breakbeats, world music, ambient and avant garde, showcasing the wide range of Toby’s (and Andy’s) musical interests. Various guest musicians are featured as well as a variety of remixers who further extend the styles on offer. A lot of ground is covered over the 30 years but there is a consistency at it’s heart, reflecting Toby’s ongoing pursuit of a perfect musical expression whatever the style.


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