Backstage Gurus – Mediterranean Odyssey

LABEL: Liquid Sound Design


  1. Gibraltar
  2. Santorini
  3. Alexandria
  4. Wheel of Life
  5. Land of the Lotophagis
  6. Aegean Lightness
  7. Oriental Touch
  8. Call of the Sirenes
  9. Mare Nostrum
  10. Kipos Tis Kirkis
  11. Island of Calypso
  12. Mare Of Possibilities
  13. Beirut
  14. Abu Bouzuk
  15. Shisha Bar
  16. Byzantion
  17. Land of the Laistrygonians
  18. Sophia & Despina


Release Date: April 3, 2020

After a long term musical partnership between Groovetitan and Gabriel Le Mar as Saafi Brothers, they decided to create a project together with their friends Castor Troy, Bidiol and in addition, the beautiful voice of Gila. The project aims to combine traditional Trance and Chill Out sounds together from elements inspired by the cultural traditions that originated from the areas around the Mediterranean Sea.

Already in 1996, Groovetitan and Castor Troy released an oriental Techno House project on Sony Music called ‘Human Instinct’ that did pre-empt the fusion of Electronic Music/Techno and oriental soundscapes.

The Backstage Gurus debut album ‘Mediterranean Odyssey’ mixes a wide array of musical elements from electronic, Greek and oriental music as well as influences from Sufi music traditions while following the narrative of the Odyssey around the Mediterranean Sea.

Although enriched by modern production and sound, the other carrying elements are born of traditional nature. Oud, Ney, Santur, Duduk, Fujijara, Bouzuki, Dutar, a.o., as well as traditional rhythms from slow belly dance to archaic warrior rhythm patterns that descend from the ancient Greek world.

Feel the grace of the deep blue Mediterranean Sea in all its various cultural facets that this musical Odyssey has to offer

Gila Abutalebi is not only the expressive Persian voice of the Backstage Gurus, but also an internationally acclaimed artist. She created the stunning cover artwork using an individually developed technique by painting pixels with single letters.


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