AUX25 Cover

AUX25 – No Turning Back EP

LABEL: Interchill Records




Release Date: July 23, 2021

No Turning Back is the debut AUX25 ep, featuring a remix from longtime Interchill family member Adham Shaikh.  The title was inspired by the great Funky Porcini track It’s a Long Road, and No Turning Back is a nod back to the 90’s when youth and good times were in plentiful supply.  Adham’s remix takes the idea and applies depth and expansion, dubbing it up in a cloud of smoke. Deep Deep Waters is a departure into couch travel, which winds up with found sounds from a canyon kayak trip melding into field recordings from Shibuya and the Tokyo subway.  10 Months is anchored around a Prince Fatty / Horseman one drop and rounds off the ep. 
AUX25 is the new project of Interchill label co-founder Andrew Ross Collins and started when a bunch of other things slowed right down, in Spring 2020. 
Artwork by Anthony Presley
Mix by Daryl Chonka at Old Growth Music Studios, Salt Spring Island
Mastering by Gregg Janman for Hermetech Mastering, Milan


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