Ambient Travels is the latest in an ongoing series of Playlists that we are compiling at Spotify. These playlists are lovingly curated (yes, we know, that’s a way overused catchphrase these days) by an actual human, music fanatic & are not in any way based on algorhyhms, or your previous listening choices. This way, you might actually get turned on to something that surprises you, may initially be slightly outside your listening comfort zone & just might become your favorite new musical discovery. We’ve been approaching these playlists almost like mixtapes or episodes of our radio show, so you can put them on “shuffle play” if you must- but they are actually sequenced for maximum flow. We update each playlist frequently with a mix of new releases & classic tracks, so please “Follow” us to be kept up to date. If you like this one, you can go to the Six Degrees Records page on Spotify & explore our deep, beatless, ambient playlist: “After Silence” & our ongoing collection of the best in new, World Music releases, “Traveler (The Best In Global Music)“. Please feel free to share with any friends who you think might appreciate the sounds. Happy listening & thanks for your support of eclectic music.


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