100 Strings – Indian Ragas Full Circle, Vol,1.

LABEL: Suriya Recordings


  1. Afternoon Jalsa Part 1
  2. Afternoon Jalsa Part 2
  3. Afternoon Jalsa Part 3
  4. Anticipation Part 1
  5. Anticipation Part 2
  6. Crossing Rhythms
  7. Krishna’s Playful Mood


Release Date: November 30, 2018

100 STRINGS is the stunning debut album from Santoor Maestro Ustad Kiranpal Singh. The Indian Classical Santoor, an instrument with one hundred strings is unique to the Himalayan Valley of Kashmir. Its strings when struck percussively with a pair of delicate wooden mallets create ethereal resonating sounds, gossamer melodic lines and stunning tonal effects and when heard together with the rhythmic Tabla accompaniment by Dheeraj Sahai-­‐Mishra, the listener is transported at once into deep nature and a sense of being in one’s place in the cosmic tapestry. The compositions include Ahernoon Jalsa, Anticipation, Crossing Rhythms, Krishna’s Playful Mood.
100 Strings album is the result of a collaboration between two incredible Indian musicians and two contemporary audio engineers who are passionate about discovering new sounds. This cosmic experience originated the heavenly sound that now can be appreciated by the listeners of the 100 Strings, bringing you the best of Indian classical music, produced adapeng western recording/mixing techniques to the sublime music of the maestros Kiranpal and Dheeraj in order to create the most shamanic sound of both hemispheres and to spread peace and love in the form of music around the globe.
The album was entirely recorded and mixed at Abbey Road Institute by Arthur Navarro and Natalia Milanesi, both Abbey Road Institute alumini. This is the first full length Indian classical recording made at this historic site of Abbey Rd. Over 50 years since the Indian infused Beatles Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club band album, Indian music returns to its second home.


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