Below are many of the questions people have asked our staff over the years.  Please look over them and see if they can help you to find the information you are looking for.

I’m a retailer. Where can I buy Six Degrees releases?
All of our titles are available in the United States through Fontana Distribution.

We are carried by most national one-stop distributors including:
Super D
Baker & Taylor

Six Degrees titles are also available through most non-traditional music distributors including:
White Swan

New Leaf Distribution
New Sound/Allegro

If you have difficulty locating any of the Six Degrees or Travel Series titles please contact us via email at

Who distributes for Six Degrees Records?
See our list of distributors here

Who do I contact regarding digital distribution of Six Degrees releases?
For information regarding selling digital downloads of Six Degrees titles email

Who do I contact regarding distribution of Six Degrees releases outside the US?
Contact A-Train Entertainment:

A-Train Entertainment
PO Box 29242
Oakland, CA 94604

Who do I contact about licensing Six Degrees music?

For information on licensing please click here

For information on gratis licensing please click here

I’m a writer/editor and I want to review one of your artists. Who do I contact?

Contact the Publicity Department via email at

I need a bio, photo and information on one of your artists. Who do I contact?
You are welcome to download any text and/or photos off of our website. All text and graphics on the site have been approved for reproduction. If you prefer hard copies of bios and photos then contact the Publicity Department via email at

I’ve got a radio show and I want to play one of your artists. Who do I contact?
Contact our Promotion Department via email at

I’m a DJ/Record pool coordinator and am looking for Six Degrees releases. Who do I contact?
Contact our Promotion Department via email at

I am a promoter and would like to book one of your acts. How do I find out who their booking agent is?

Where do I send my demo/CD?
Sorry but we don’t accept unsolicited materials.

Does Six Degrees have internships?
From time to time we do have openings so please feel free to email your resume to and we will contact you when something comes available. Internships require a three month commitment and you must already live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Please send us an email if you have any additional questions